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Yes there is now a pro-Houthi left...

We're going to need more tanks

Putin rearms. We consult the bean counters.

MOD Spending: Destination Unknown

Ukraine: Here's the concept. Make it work.

Decolonisation and its discontents. Part Two.

Decolonisation and its discontents. Part One

De-escalate. Switch to counter-terror. Stabilise.

Snapshot of the Gaza conflict

Gaza: How to de-escalate?

Gaza: Time for restraint

What is Israel's theory of victory?

You wanted multipolarity. You're getting chaos.

Ukraine and the West must align their concepts of victory

Democracies don't have to die - but the USA is on the critical list

Ukraine can win...

What 'anti-human' means to Vladimir Putin

Good Morning, Secretary of State...

Why Putin loves the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Trump, The Key to the International Situation

F is for failing democracy

Trump. Niger. Drones. Disarray...

Trading on optimism, while insolvent

DCP2023: Nothing-burger On A Shingle?

China: A bleak history of UK policy failure

The British left's red-brown problem (Part 2)

The British left's red-brown problem (Part 1)

The Not Guilty Man

Staged chaos: Russia’s real deterrent

The Kayfabe coup is under way

Ukrainian activists demand a voice in reconstruction

The lies, the counteroffensive and the dam...

China's awesome lead. Our awesome failure

Darkness at dawn: Russia blows dam at Nova Kakhovka

Ukraine: We Need to Talk About Campism

Tallinn it like it is...

Ukraine: Making sense of the Kinzhal war

Labour's idealist roots in IR are existential

UK at a decision-point on land warfare

Building the fascist Utopia - then and now

Weak or strong? How to get UK defence spending to 3%/GDP

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